Following the recent announcement of the MacKeeper legal settlement, malware developers are creating routines that redirect people from the settlement site to nefarious Web pages that use javascript hacks to “lock” a browser. When this happens, you will see an alert window that has an OK button, but clicking the button just pops open another alert.

Often these alerts are formatted to appear official, and contain details about security problems and require you call some provided number to free your system. Sometimes they may outright demand a ransom to fix your system. This is a common trap used by cybercriminals to convince people to hand over money, and is being used by interested parties to block access to the MacKeeper settlement options.

This approach is often taken when new malware removal techniques and tools are published online. Unfortunately it means that those who are in need of the information or tools located at the URLs will not be able to get them.

If this is happening to you, then you have several options. First, call me  or you can try to get out of the Javascript trap by following the instructions I outlined here, which in essence is to force-quit your browser and then open it while holding the Shift key to prevent prior windows from opening.

Things are starting to get a bit nasty now for mac users . . .  Be Aware !