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Damien Carroll

Working as a freelance urban/designer in Sydney, I rely on my MacBook Pro for my business. Imagine my horror when my 2015 model Mac stopped working on Thursday night, it shut down every 5 minutes, froze and would not run. I googled, read the reviews for Sydney Mac Fix and phoned. Jay understood my difficult situation and he made time for me on Saturday morning. He had the problem diagnosed (logic board was fried) and repaired by mid-day Monday. I am typing this review on my restored macBook and I am very grateful to Jay for the expert help he provided. He troubleshooted the Mac, and he tried to find a simple problem before he diagnosed the more expensive but necessary replacement of the logic-board. It was an $800 repair, but I am pretty certain that if I had gone to an Apple store I would have been advised to buy a new Max for a few thousand, so this was a great-value solution for my situation. Thanks Jay! Highly recommended, especially if you have a slightly older model Mac that needs some repairs or upgrades or debugging.

Damien Carroll, client