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  • Same Day Service for most Jobs (Logic Board Damage 1-2 Days)

Hardware Services


The Biggest speed upgrades on your iMac will upgrading the Hard drive to a Solid Spate Drive , around 8 times faster that a regular drive ! The other thing to do is to add some RAM (memory) if it is a 27inch iMac !

  • SSD Upgades for a Big Speed Bump! Including Cloning Your Data Back to new SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 – 2015 and MacBook Air 2013 to 2017
  • Battery Replacements Macbook Air 2012-2017, Macbook Pro up to 2015
  • Speaker replacements on MacBook Pro and Macbook Air

Software Services

  • System and Software Installation, tune Up and Clean Up Your Mac to Run Faster
  • Clean System Installation for Problem Systems and Troubleshooting
  • Data Migration from Old Devices to New Devices
  • Adware Removal Browser Hijacks & Virus Protection
  • Photo and iPhoto Library Management and Consolidation (Removal of Duplicates)
  • Restoring Hard Drives after data has been compramised (Hacked)

Data Recovery

  • Recover Data from Failed Hard Drives
  • Recover Data from erased drives
  • Recover data from SD and camera cards

What are your service fees?
Generally Our hourly rate is $100 per hour though with most repairs you will be given an upfront fixed quote before we proceed with the repair (no hidden charges).

What are your business Hours?
We open Monday – Friday  from 9.00am to 5.00pm
Can you rescue my overheating laptop?
Yes, we can. Laptop overheating has become more common problem in recent years as both the CPU and the video chipset (GPU) in laptop computers have become more sophisticated, all of which generate heat.

Heat can also be caused by a lot of dust build up over the years and this can be cleaned

Corrosion on the logic board can cause chips to short or fuse which will also generate heat and eventually shut the computer down if not serviced


How much does data recovery cost? How long does it take?
The answers to these two questions are specific to each customer, equipment and data loss scenario. Contact me and I will thoroughly explain the time and cost options that apply to your particular data recovery situation.

What is component level repair?

Component level repair is also known as board level repair. This is a repair process which focusing on finding the faulty part and replacing it on the circuit board. This includes the replacement of components such as diodes, capacitors, SMD components, and more. Component level repair is not an easy process, it requires wealth of knowledge and experience in electronics. This service is available especially for liquid damages laptops which I have an electrical engineer that specialises in this kind of problems


MacBook Pro 15′ 2010.2011, 2012 and early 2013 . All of these laptops have a known issue related to the GPU (graphics chip) If you google GPU issue 15′ MacBook Pro , you will find lots of information there .

Unfortunately there is no repair for this problem . Your data on your hard drive will be ok but the logic board is not able to be repaired or replaced !