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Get Around Fast

10 tips to help you get around your Mac, fast You’ll speed through some regular tasks with these 10 top Mac tips. If you already know these tips then you’ll probably know how useful they are. If you don’t, here’s six useful Mac tips to help you get around your system so much faster. Command-Space Want to open an application fast? You can ask Siri “Hey Siri, open , or you can tap Command-Space to open Spotlight, begin typing the

End of Year Cleanup – Make More Space on Your Hard Drive !

Is your Mac almost out of storage space? macOS Sierra is here to help with Optimized storage If you have enough space in iCloud or if you upgrade to add space your Mac can automatically move the files you rarely use to iCloud so that you don’t run out of space on your computer. This will also help you get rid of duplicate and obsolete files that can clog up your computer with useless data that hogs important storage. 1. Under

Some less known Features in IOS 10

  1  Siri Can Announce Who’s Calling When You’re Wearing Headphones or Connected to Bluetooth If you’re driving or walking around and get a phone call, you usually have to stop and look at your phone to see who’s calling. However, there’s a new option (under Settings > Phone > Announce Calls) for Siri to announce the name of a caller when they ring you. You can set some parameters here too: You can set your phone to only announce callers

Dangerous Mac malware fully compromises OS X

The new malware, dubbed Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor by security researchers, provides attackers with a backdoor into OS X systems by embedding a script into a fake file converter application that’s found on many reputable sites that sell Mac apps. “This type of malware is particularly dangerous as it’s hard to detect and offers the attacker full control of the compromised system,” says Tiberius Axinte, Technical Leader, at Bitdefender Antimalware Lab. “For instance, someone can lock you out of your laptop, threaten to blackmail

MacBook Pros with a touchscreen and Touch ID rumoured soon !

The two MacBook Pros 13′ and 15′ will be thinner and lighter, and are rumoured to feature Touch ID and an OLED touchscreen bar on the keyboard to replace the top row of keys. Apple is reportedly working on a way to unlock a Mac using Touch ID on an iPhone, but putting a sensor right on the MacBook Pro would be a much more seamless experience. That’s not all. Apple is also working on a 13in MacBook to complement its super-thin

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